ArcSoft 3D Text Factory

ArcSoft 3D Text Factory 1.0

Generate regular and animated 3D texts
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Create 3D text and 3D text animations for web pages or presentations. Adjust the depth, thickness, and height of the letters as well as the lights and shadows. The program includes numerous styles, fonts, and colors.

ArcSoft 3D Text Factory can be used to create awesome 3D animated text for web pages, presentations and more. You can select from a variety of font types, styles, colors and sizes. You can adjust the depth, thickness or height of the text using bevel and resize tools. ArcSoft 3D Text Factory allows the user to adjust the lights and shadows of the text for professional use. You can use pallets and special effects for creating an animation. Use custom background for the 3D text or manipulate textures and colors for a new look. ArcSoft 3D Text Factory enables the user to export any file as still image file like, JPG, BMP, PCX, FPX, TGA and PSF (PhotoStudio) or animation movie file MPEG and AVI to be used with other applications.

Key Features:
- In built character map to insert unusual characters and symbols easily.
- Complete 3D view of text.
- Adjust depth, size or shadows of the 3D text.
- Use textures and custom background.
- Create 3D animation movies or still images for web pages or presentation.
- Customize the animation of the text using frame rate (fps), duration or text motion style etc.

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